Dil Dhadakne Do- A definite one-time-watch!

From the catchy title to the stunning movie setting(s), from the popular cast(Farhan Akhtar, yay!) to the captivating music- everything about Dil Dhadakne Do invites you in. For me, I expected an experience similar to that of watching the Box Office Hit Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. It was pretty good, as far as Modern Indian Cinema goes.

The movie has a dog(yes, a dog!) narrating the daily life and emotional evolution of a popular family, placed in the high, business strata of society. I love dogs and so I really enjoyed the movie. What was remarkable was how, at quite a few places during the movie, strong messages were conveyed with such ease. The dwelling on the existence of hypocrisy, on how even though humans are more evolved to convey what they feel and hence simplify life-they abstain from the use of such expertise, on the very conception of male-female equality in a typical Indian(seemingly modern) family and similar presentation of ideas is what made the movie appeal to me. This was regarding the serious parts of the movie(which were plentiful!). The humour was infective too! The manner in which little situations made you laugh oh-so-much was nice- really nice.

The energetic dance numbers, the pretty outfits(Priyanka Chopra, way to go!), the adoo-oo-oorable bullmastiff made the movie enjoyable. And yes, thank you Farhan Akhtar: you’re a treat to the eyes!

The movie advertises much more than it actually ends up conveying. In one of my friends words- it was a ‘commercial’ movie- talking of the manner in which it attracted a huge deal of attention in comparison to what it delivered. It is a definite one-time-watch. And although it’s possibly in the same genre as ZNMD, it doesn’t make you feel as strongly.

Nevertheless, a good watch.


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